Wired Networks

Fairynetwork has experienced and renowned executives in the field of telecommunications and networks.

We can guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the network on which users depend on any modern company.

We work with the largest manufacturers of network equipment in order to ensure its quality but also to be informed immediately about the new products and the possibilities that are provided.

This way we allow you to achieve the best cost / quality ratio in the initial investment and at the same time reduce the cost of maintaining your network equipment.

We undertake:

  • Installation and development of local networks (Intranet), Internet and Extranet
  • Necessity Analysis and Evaluation
  • Consulting
  • Intranet – Internet – Extranet
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Network Security
  • Network Monitoring

Wireless Networks

We are responding to the growing needs of companies for wireless networking.

Fairynetwork undertakes:

  • Workspace network installation design
  • Wireless equipment installation
  • Wireless equipment security
  • Wireless network certification
  • Support